• Pray!
  • We help churches, sell, buy or lease a facility by guiding them through the process of developing a strategic facilities plan.
  • We analyze churches or schools growth trends, programs and goals.
  • We assess your resources, limitations, advantages, current facilities,  parking, and programing needs, municipal zoning building code impacts, financial position and review congregation building campaign strategies.
  • We research and identify unique opportunities and tap into our vast network of contacts to overturn every stone in locating buildings or properties currently not marketed in the usual channels.
  • We outline facility goals and objectives in determining what is attainable and what is your wish list or faith list in achieving the desired results.
  • We provide solutions and options that come from out of the box thinking when developing a plan for the right facility for you.
  • We map out a timeline for you and your staff to incorporate adequate time for tenant improvements, due diligence and lining up financing.
  • We help you identify and obtain contractors for preparing a facility to be sold or for pinpointing any deferred maintenance on a property to be purchased.

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